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RS485 to Ethernet serial port to RS232 port Ethernet and RS485 to RJ45 device ma

Time:2017-04-05 16:03:38
ZXTC company specializing in the production of 485 to Ethernet, serial port to the network port, Ethernet to 232, serial to WIFI wireless and other equipment for the majority of companies or project customers to provide the most complete customized services. We provide customers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Jinan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Taiwan and other regions to provide agents or OEM / ODM service customers, while bulk customers to provide product development process source code; can be based on customer requirements, appearance, Play board, software Program development custom business. Strong technical services and production capacity by the industry's praise.
Market pricing: serial port to the Ethernet server is the serial port into the network communication, to facilitate the construction wiring requirements. The server is divided into one-way transmission server and two-way transmission server: one-way transmission server function is relatively simple, when the data transmission to the receiver, the data can not return or floating point settings, no data detection and performance is very unstable. The main products for the domestic production process or Taiwan chip. The market is mainly concentrated in the price of 200 yuan. The low-end low-end products a lot; two-way serial port to the Ethernet server is mainly imported US and British chip, part of South Korea. Compatibility and user-friendly stability and the traditional network server can not match.
Functional analysis: As a manufacturer, serial server network equipment different price function is not the same, mainly in the following areas:
A, protocol: low-end serial server (domestic low-end program) is not compatible with the MODBUS protocol, the specific product can see the technical parameters, know the product is not clearly marked out of the agreement is not available, many in order to sell at the consultation Yes, no mark Out of actual use no. Only the ordinary serial port into the TCP converter, you can not achieve cross-gateway or data analysis of the cache function. This can easily lead to data blockage or packet nonuniformity, resulting in packet loss.
B, high-quality serial server stability is very reliable, compatible protocol is not just TCP / IP, compatible with MODBUS protocol [including Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP / IP, ModbusTCP to Modbus RTU protocol] This is very important because in practice Use a lot of equipment in the agreement protocol information is not the same, so there is a comprehensive function can be a very automatic conversion, so you can quickly solve the problem.
Serial server settings Question: This is the most online problem, why is this? As the low-end products can not automatically identify the device to be connected to read IP or related parameters, he needs to manually set, but in actual use, many technical staff are not familiar with the relevant communications products, which in use there are many uncertain companies Serial server can be automatically linked in a separate area, can be related to the information parameters, not too many settings, non-technical staff can quickly configure to achieve fool-style operation. These functions are the product of the program and the ability to develop different decision-makers. In order to solve the related problems, our company's products have detailed operating instructions video, quick entry.
Business model: the company's products and switches, fiber optic transceivers, Siemens PLC and other equipment on behalf of the network port direct communication, without changing the customer's product configuration and parameters. ☆ work mode: TCP server mode, TCP client mode, UDP mode, virtual serial port, Socket, VIrtaur and other six modes of operation, support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling transparent transmission function; and product upgrades to support ADSL, WIFI And other functional products Socket communication mode.
☆ support AUTO MDI / MDIX, you can use cross-cable or parallel cable to connect two-way transmission; support DNS dynamic and static IP remote connection.
☆ This product can be used to extend the distance between the handle, without the use of PC host in the tedious configuration of the middle, can only use the network cable or switch; reliable all the way to another serial serial data transmission, the suburbs because the complex environment can not pass the scene The No network does not matter, you only need a simple two-step set, you can achieve the demand. Work protocol support TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, modbus, IPV4ARP, etc .; can and routers, gateways and other dynamic "IP" direct connection to achieve cross-network work, to break the serial server normal LAN mode. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint propagation

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