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RS485 to Ethernet Ethernet to Ethernet Serial to Ethernet Transport Data Slow Pa

Time:2017-04-05 10:51:04
Serial port server is the most stable product of serial and network communication. He can easily connect the device and the Internet to communicate, improve data transmission efficiency and stability. Especially in the complex network environment, the advantage is obvious.Then I usually choose how to become the key to the serial server, because the market more products, fish is difficult to distinguish. The following to the company's serial networking server as a case analysis:

1. Serial server packet loss or slow transmission of data and return no data?
Serial server products in the market a lot of high school low-end prices, of course, the price determines the use of the product performance, functionality, stability. Many customers in the market to buy low-end low-end serial server will lose packets, the transmission rate is slow, the wave or a single packet sent to the assembly is relatively slow or even garbled, in fact, this is the R & D technical ability and low-quality low-priced products Bring the relevant questions. The company's products in a single transmission of large data, the minimum time to send can be set between 1-10MS, and stable and fast, do not lose data, baud rate of 921600bps or more. These are the market 98% of the serial server can not achieve high-speed performance.

2 .. Can the serial server be used directly with industrial switches, fiber optic transceivers and related network products?
As a serial server in the actual use of many and third-party network equipment to link, but in the actual use of the existence of protocol compatibility, parameter configuration identification, work mode is a match. The company's ZP-8621 and ZP-8111 series of products in this respect with the peer than has obvious advantages. First of all, this product and the switch link to use, he will automatically identify the remote server IP address and parameters, cross-gateway and other data, without cumbersome manual configuration, even if the communication technology can also be used and broken in the broken network or other equipment Time, after the repair will automatically link the previous data parameters to ensure the real-time communication and stability. Product with cache and data parameter configuration memory function. In particular, many serial server can not be used directly with the optical fiber network products, this one problem the company's products can be easily resolved.

3. Can the serial server communicate across regional cities? Remote monitoring of the city?
The company's 485/232 to Ethernet server ZP-8621 can be easily resolved. Through the company's proprietary domain name resolution and remote monitoring capabilities, monitoring server and serial devices can be in different cities, through the Internet. This feature is the market all the serial server does not have the unique features. The specific use of the company can buy products and consult the relevant technical staff.

4. Can the serial server communicate across network segments?
The company's serial server is another unique feature that can be cross-network communication. There are two types of cross-network communication:

A, two devices use the module between the network segment communication: column as A module IP:, B module IP, A module and B module to achieve communication.
B, PC cross-network segment search module communication: If the PC (computer) IP, the module IP is, how to achieve cross-network search PC module? The module is set to the relevant parameters, and then set the PC needs to set the relevant parameters such as series of settings can be completed. The use of this product can be purchased ZP-8621 so the relevant supporting instructions.

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