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The company serial port Ethernet equipment in Inner Mongolia power distribution system monitoring project applications

Time:2017-04-05 16:22:57

Smart grid electricity information collection program has a strong data management and processing power, a strong security mechanism for a meter to install more concentrated areas (such as residential buildings, etc.) meter reading and power quality monitoring. The whole program consists of master station system, concentrator, collector, HHU, smart meter. System master to the concentrator using GPRS technology and concentrator to the collector using PLC communication technology, the collector to the smart meter using RS485 communication technology. Intelligent substation on-line monitoring system to achieve the information sharing platform, the system framework network, equipment status visualization, monitoring target panorama, the whole station information digitization, communication protocol standardization, monitoring function component, information display integration, real-time collection station equipment State data, a comprehensive diagnostic analysis and a full life assessment. On the one hand, the substation monitoring system is a separate internal interconnection equipment network, on the other hand is a node of the remote station, to the main station to send substation internal equipment monitoring and diagnosis system and its own state information.

Technical indicators:
1. The system can monitor the operation of the energy meter, the abnormal situation can be measured at any time, timely detection and processing.
2. The system can select the key users, according to the collection interval to produce curve data.
3. The system supports load control and remote power off function.
4. The system has a decision analysis function, can calculate the line line loss, Taiwan line loss, load balance and so on.
5. Support terminal local / remote online upgrade.
6. Set aside external system interfaces to interact with external system data.
7. Anti-multi-point high electromagnetic interference line
8. In the large amount of data transmission at the same time to achieve temperature without interruption
9. Node load, no distortion, packet loss phenomenon
Implementing functions:
1. System by the data acquisition device to collect the relevant data, including analog, pulse and switch, measurement, external input signals and other data transmission to the monitoring system for real-time processing;
2. Real-time update of the database and display screen, and on-screen simulation using real-time display of field equipment operating conditions, display real-time and historical events, and print or report, etc. output;
3. Monitoring system can complete the low-voltage power distribution system to monitor the operation of the state, an effective reflection of the analog (I, U, P, F, E, etc.)
4. The system can be all low-voltage distribution system switch, circuit breaker position and fault signal for effective, safe, reliable, intuitive monitoring;
5. The system displays a simulation diagram of the current wiring corresponding to the actual display, showing the operation status of each control object and update it in real time.
The system uses Acrel-2000 power monitoring system, completed the life of substation, diesel generator room, refrigeration room, life pump fire pump room and floor power box, power supply double power supply system for all electrical equipment remote monitoring.
The whole system uses the network distributed structure, the monitoring host is located in the underground level substation duty room, the substation distribution cabinet installed in the company ACR230ELH, ACR220EFLK meter total more than 200 circuits. The system uses an open communication protocol, through the field bus and high and low voltage distribution system, transformer temperature control device, generator intelligent interface, ATSE and EPS connected to achieve data communication function. While the monitoring system provides a standard RS485 interface to connect up to the BMS system.
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