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Human Resources Concept:

Human resources are the first important resource for the long-term development of enterprises. Both ability and political integrity, know people good, is far into long-term uphold the concept of employment. We respect the individual, to promote integrity, innovation and the spirit of continuous progress. Suitable for enterprise strategic transformation and rapid development of the needs of professionals and management personnel.

Personal goals combined with business goals:
Zhenxin Communication Technology respects the development of each employee and encourages employees to take full advantage of the company's sound training and development system to plan their personal career and guide them to combine personal development goals with business development goals. Under the support of the comprehensive staff training and development system, the staff's talents are maximized under the influence of the good development environment and atmosphere of the whole group, the individual ideals are fully realized, the individual ability is continuously improved, the individual's ideological realm And sentiment continued to sublimate, the formation of a patriotic law, love and respect their jobs, excellent quality, professional and solid workforce. At the same time, the goal of the enterprise on this basis can also be achieved.

Principles of human resources training
Good training of employees is the company's assets, in order to support the sustainable development of enterprises and maintain the competitiveness of the industry, to enhance self, proactive, is the inevitable path of staff development. Effective training in addition to improving the staff's work skills, the more is a strong support for the spread of corporate culture and identity, training has become a home of the concept of unity. Therefore, Zhenxin communication section to build a sound training system, whether it is the new staff of the theory and practice of training, the basic skills of the job training, management of the overall quality of training, as well as positive work mentality of corporate culture training, The For the staff's growth and the company's development, to make the appropriate support.

Both ability and integrity to know the good people
Zhenxin communication in the talent selection, set "Germany" in the first place, excellent personal accomplishment, communication skills, management philosophy, is the most important factor in the selection of talent. Morality, courage, passion, communication, judgment and insight are the excellent qualities that each Zhenxin communication department must possess. On the one hand, we continue to improve the internal competition mechanism, the operation, research and development, marketing, administrative system, important positions and management positions through open competition to select talent, equal opportunities; the other hand, through the establishment of regular and irregular Combined with the assessment system to all employees to evaluate, so that people match, know people good.

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