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Corporate culture is a kind of innovation, is the soul of the enterprise; corporate culture is a cohesive force, is the driving force for development. ZXTC insisted on its own purpose, innovation and development, harmony and symbiosis, to become a competitive and cohesive entity.

Enterprise Mission: to provide the best performance for the communications industry transmission products
Company strategy: focus on the field of communications transmission, the industry leading brand industry
Brand is not only a sign of the source of the project or service, or the market credibility of the market, market share and market competitiveness of the concentrated expression. ZXTC to further improve the business, we must first focus on talent and material resources, vigorously implement the brand strategy to brand to win the market.
Sales concept: quality first, the credibility of the first, service first
Enterprises as the main body of market competition, only the production of high-quality products, and constantly establish credibility in the market, coupled with high-quality services to build a win-win relationship between enterprises and users, so that good cooperation more lasting and stable in order to compete in the market Continuous development.
Corporate values: learning, innovation
Innovation is the soul of the nation, but also the soul of business. Learning is the premise of innovation, innovation is the purpose of learning. "To maintain the company's only lasting competitive advantage, is faster than the competency of learning." Enterprises only in the process of absorbing new knowledge innovation, in order to fierce competition in the market in an invincible position, to achieve sustainable development. "Learning" as the driving force for innovation and development, ZXTC is the essence of corporate culture.
Staff requirements: dedication, diligence, fine industry
Dedication is the tendency of a person to work, a sense of holiness, mission, sense of responsibility, and diligence in his career. Dedication is a kind of subjective state of mind, it reflects a person's world view, outlook on life, values. Love and dedication requires people to love their own work, to respect the heart to fulfill their duties. On their own business seriously serious, concentrate on, work diligently, fulfill their duties.
Diligence is the work diligently, down to earth, hard work. In the new era of high-quality workers, must have a diligent work attitude and a strong sense of dedication, indomitable; drops of stone wear, relentless, hard work will make the dream to be achieved.
Jingye is assiduously study business knowledge, their own engaged in the professional and technical excellence. With the rapid development of science and technology, all walks of life automation, the level of modernization is getting higher and higher, only perseverance in science, study vocational skills, learn to master and use the latest science and technology in order to create greater labor value. Never stop, the pursuit of excellence, with the best job to get the maximum brand value.

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