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RS485 transmission fiber RS232 to fiber optic server serial single fiber dual fi

Time:2017-04-05 10:49:32
RS485 to fiber RS4232 to fiber converter serial light cat single fiber and double fiber which is good? In fact, this problem is not difficult to choose! Serial light cat with the same fiber optic transceivers, there is no single fiber and double fiber is good or bad points, mainly to see when the wiring is convenient or not.
To determine the quality of a light cat mainly to the following points, the company's power dedicated 485/232 fiber optic fiber to analyze:
A. light cat to sub-single and multi-mode: single-mode light cat transmission distance, multi-mode transmission distance closer! Fiber optic transceivers are the same. But in terms of serial light cat, the market is 97% of the light cat is a single model and multi-mode separation, the fundamental reason is mainly because R & D technical capabilities can not meet the requirements; then is to make more money! And this kind of light to buy are used in the low-end program to do, there is no compatible single-mode and multi-mode function, the cost is relatively cheap, very unstable transmission performance, optical signal attenuation is great. The company's strong R & D technology strength, the use of the United States imported original optical module, to single-mode and multi-mode from the use of technology applications, ultra-high rate to 0-500KBPS rate in the country are the first technology. Customers do not have to worry about buying the wrong can not be used, but not single-mode and multi-mode separately to buy, greatly customers save costs at the same time. More convenient in the project quickly wiring function. As the product is the company R & D and production, the price in the same industry is definitely in the low-end price of electricity dedicated light cat.
B. compatibility aspects. The market all the light cat can only simply carry out the transmission of optical signals, this in the industrial wiring there is a big limit, especially in industrial automation, many special communication protocol requirements are not compatible with the data caused by distortion or can not communicate.
And the company's production of light cat series can be compatible with all the agreements such as: MODBUS, Siemens, PLC, PPI, etc .; support point to point or loop (point to multipoint) connection, single-mode single fiber into A, B Pairs of use, zero delay automatically sent;
☆ support RS485 / 422 multiple asynchronous communication protocol; single-mode multi-mode adaptive technology, RS-485/422 port support 32 node polling function (can be customized 128 nodes)
☆ Working wavelength: 1310nm / 1550nm,
☆ maximum communication rate of 0-500Kbps
☆ automatically detect the serial speed, identify and control the direction of data transmission; product support modbus, PLC, Siemens PPI protocol
☆ zero delay automatically forward
☆ interface to provide 3000W surge protection, 1500V electrostatic protection, circuit 600W surge protection, built-in 2KV electromagnetic isolation anti-interference function.
Above the characteristics of industrial light cat in the peer technology is leading, get a lot of electricity, rail transit and other projects the amount of long-term cooperation
C. The company's production of light cat with our serial port to the Ethernet server can quickly use the network signal into the fiber signal, greatly solved a lot of serial server can not be compatible with fiber signal problems. In the wiring continue to improve the work efficiency, solve the cost but also greatly enhance the stability of data transmission reliability.

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