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How to configure the serial server using 232/485 to Ethernet serial port server settings method

Time:2017-04-05 16:06:51
Serial server is the serial port into a network TCP / IP signal, which is RJ45 network port and serial port, network port to wifi wireless conversion between. The company's production of serial server with two-way transparent transmission function, in different programs can act as a variety of different modes of use. The module can take the LAN, Internet, external network, cross-gateway. Ethernet can be converted into wifi signal, serial port into Ethernet, serial port into WIFI, wifi switch 232 serial port, wifi to 485 serial port, 485 to Ethernet, 232 to network port, 232 to Ethernet and other multi-function transmission conversion and Information collection control.
Such as ZP-8621, ZP-8XXX series of serial oral server can be converted into Ethernet fiber optic fiber, fiber into WIFI and other signals. Mode can be done server, client, UDP, Socket, virtual serial port; in the agreement compatible with MODBUS RTU MODBUS ASCII MODBUS TCP / IP and other protocols. As the module has two-way transmission function, he can link fiber optic transceivers, switches, routers, PLC, simulation signals and other networking equipment for our customers in the actual wiring to save costs, set up a stable networking solutions.
For the specific use of the company's serial server can consult the appropriate technical staff and provide the relevant communications solutions. If you purchased the company's serial server, contact the technical staff on the relevant models, will be the first time for you to solve the problem, so stay tuned!
1. Ethernet connection
Connect the serial device to the Ethernet via the serial server. You only need to connect the serial server to the hub or switch. By setting the IP address of the serial server, you can make the serial port server a node on the Ethernet. Serial server numerical control system connected to the Ethernet, through the network can be different devices, different forms of serial (such as RS232, RS422 and RS485), connected to the Ethernet, to achieve heterogeneous networking. The networking method can connect the entire company's equipment to the network. In the networking process, in addition to the use of switches and hub extensions, you can also use the Industrial Ethernet switch, Zhenxin Communication ZP-8621 can expand the different types of serial port Server, flexible equipment to achieve the network, the staff can be sub-authority, the level of equipment to monitor,
2. LAN direct connection mode
 The so-called direct connection is the computer's network cable port and the serial port server directly connected to the Ethernet port, as shown in Figure 1. The routing of the network is simple, can achieve a longer distance transmission, longer distance transmission is achieved because the distance from the computer to the serial server increases. If the serial port is set to RS422 or RS485, the same can be mapped to different ports, etc., so for the host computer regardless of the serial server to what kind of serial output, its operation and the computer's own port operation The same, greatly simplifies the host computer compiled into the workload.

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