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Product Name:4KM-RS232 / 485 / TTL-RF serial to the wireless server

Specification Model:ZP-8400

☆ products for wireless queuing equipment, hotel electronic door locks, biometric access control system;
☆ medical and electronic instrumentation automation control; intelligent teaching equipment, baby care, medical ward call system;
☆ home appliances and lighting intelligent control; burglar alarm smart card, railway locomotive remote detection of water, electricity, gas, heating automatic meter reading system or reactive power compensation and power grid monitoring; field agricultural project remote transmission acquisition
☆ wireless conference voting, scoring system, PDA terminal, wireless ordering system; LED screen wireless transmission of text, pictures and wireless control;
☆ electronic weighing, wireless crane scale, vehicle monitoring, aging equipment testing, industrial equipment, wireless data transmission and industrial environmental monitoring; video monitoring PTZ control, access control attendance card reader weather / oil / water equipment information collection and natural environmental testing;
☆ mine downhole personnel attendance positioning system; gas detection alarm; equipment, goods, medical equipment and other important assets and important personnel of the regional positioning; logistics supply chain management;
☆ wind power street lamp wireless control, solar photovoltaic inverter data monitoring.

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