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Product Name:2-RS485 + WIFI + Ethernet serial port network server 【Modbus】

Specification Model:ZP-8822F

☆ Ethernet to wifi mode: the use of equipment bridging function, the product and another set up a wireless network connection, through its own wireless signal to form a signal coverage, effectively solve the wireless signal weak and blind spot area.
☆ serial to WIFI (AP) mode: the two master and slave AP in this mode into the client mode, the equivalent of wireless card, no need to configure plug and play.
☆ Internet mode: the serial device without any changes in the case, through the Internet (Internet) directly for data transmission, easy access to the Internet equipment to work, breaking the traditional LAN mode.
☆ WAN port can connect to the external network; LAN port can be connected to the network; support wired to wireless, wireless to wired, serial to WIFI three modes alone conversion, the formation of local area network, Internet, serial port seamless docking transmission.
☆ protection: serial and signal using 15KV isolation protection, 600W surge protection.

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