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Product Name:Rs232 to WiFi serial port network server (Modbus)

Specification Model:ZP-8811W

☆ transmission: support point to point, point to multi-point two-way transparent transmission support; support 20 TCP and 4 UDP connection
☆ support UDP broadcast DHCP Server / Client / DNS, support Socket programming interface; support a variety of mobile terminal mobile phone send and receive data
☆ strong variety of work: TCP Server mode, TCP client mode, UDP mode, virtual serial port, Socket, wifi module can also be done server, client and other work modes, support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling two-way transparent Transmission function;
☆ can carry out the local area network and the Internet, dynamic network transmission function.
☆ This product can be registered through the built-in WEB page settings. The biggest innovation is that this product can be directly connected with wireless devices such as routers, while supporting mobile phones and other wireless terminals to send and receive functions, allowing you to easily achieve remote control
☆ transmission acquisition function can be in the LAN, WAN, Internet, external network, cross-gateway, etc.

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  • ICP license: ZXTC Technology Co., LTD. ICP:粤ICP备14025924号-2