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Wireless wifi networking server products in the smart home on the Internet application prospects

Time:2017-04-05 17:15:08
A Comparative Analysis of Traditional Intelligent Home and Internet
Mentioned the traditional smart home and the Internet of intelligent home comparison, we first thought is whether the use of wiring technology. At present, whether the use of integrated wiring has become a distinction between the Internet of intelligent home and traditional smart home an important standard.
And the Internet of things under the smart home, then get rid of these shackles. One of the basic characteristics of things is everywhere, omniscient. The goal is to develop green all-wireless technology, including sensing, communications, etc. not only requires very low power consumption, but also requires full wireless coverage, high reliability, strong security, large network size, self-repair. Specific to the family application is required to install very simple, very easy to use, maintenance do not worry, expand arbitrary. Simply put, is an ordinary consumer looking at the simple instructions to be able to quickly assembled their own complete smart home system, and does not require the participation of professionals, which is the Internet of things intelligent home products is an important feature.
Traditional smart home are wired, not only need to professionals to construction, maintenance, and the construction period is long, the cost is relatively high, poor system flexibility, maintenance and repair difficult, low scalability, many projects can not be upgraded after the upgrade , So that consumers miserable, the entire wired intelligent home history even become a continuation of the history of the end of the phenomenon.
Intelligent home integration is the use of integrated wiring technology, network communications technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be home life-related equipment integration. Because smart home uses different technical standards and protocols, most smart home systems use integrated cabling, but a few systems may not use integrated cabling technology, such as power carriers, regardless of which situation, there must be a corresponding network Communication technology to complete the required signal transmission tasks, so the network communication technology is one of the key technologies in intelligent home integration. Security technology is an indispensable technology in the intelligent home system, in the district and indoor video intercom, home monitoring, home burglar alarm, and family-related district card and other fields are widely used. Automatic control technology is an indispensable technology in intelligent home system. It is widely used in intelligent home control center and intelligent home console automatic control module for home furnishings. It has a very important role in the scientific management of household energy and the schedule management of home equipment. The Audio and video technology is to achieve the family environment comfort, artistic important technology, embodied in the audio and video centralized distribution, background music, home theater and so on.

The Application of Internet Security in Intelligent Community
  For the community residents to provide warm, safe and convenient modern, intelligent living environment is the ultimate goal of the wisdom of the community. Equipment and platform is the traditional advantages of security companies, in the early "safe community" cut, the original video surveillance system for the expansion of the Internet of Things platform, combined with community and home sensors, wearable equipment, community import and export management system for the modern Community management, intelligent large data applications to provide infrastructure solutions. Internet security in the application of each subsystem are permeated with "intelligent" and "integration" concept.
(A) perimeter alarm system
The community security team there is control of incomplete, to prevent blind spots and equipment maintenance and other issues, so in order to avoid damage caused by these vulnerabilities and personal injury, in the existing security team on the basis of the use of a variety of sensing technology: video Measurement, infrared, microwave, cable, electronic fence, optical and other perimeter alarm device, combined with intelligent video surveillance system, real-time access to the scene and decision-making.
(2) Vehicle access / parking management system
The entrance of the community, the parking area is the focus of prevention of the region. The combination of radio frequency identification technology and video recognition technology, the establishment of intelligent monitoring bayonet, real-time access to people, the car's trajectory information, not only changed the single recognition, but also to achieve the interaction between people, cars, Into the social security system, to facilitate security prevention and control audit, more importantly, to improve the crackdown on the wrong behavior of the accuracy and timeliness, and better maintain social stability.
(C) family security management system
Intelligent home security system consists of three parts, of which, home wireless sensor networks, Internet, monitoring terminals in turn correspond to the perception layer, network layer, application layer. Security sensors generally include surveillance cameras, gas sensors, human sensors, infrared detectors, vibration sensors, doors and windows anti-theft detectors, and alarm buttons, etc., they are as a wireless sensor network node, the use of Bluetooth, wifi, zigbee, etc. Wireless communication technology access, a large number of sensors to protect the safety of the family in all directions.

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