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ZXTC company RS485 to Ethernet and serial to wifi in Zhengzhou subway use case

Time:2017-04-05 17:06:14
The company's serial to Ethernet and serial to WIFI wireless equipment in Zhengzhou subway application case
According to customer requirements: Zhengzhou Metro Metro Line 2 of the existing lines and extension lines of the automatic monitoring system were used in two different products. The existing line is part of the Schneider CSI series of BAS (equipment monitoring system). The system is based on the DDC system. East extension and west extension are based on PLC-based BAS system, products for Schneider's PremiumPLC and M340PLC. In order to ensure the uniformity of the control center control operation, improve the efficiency of scheduling and reduce the difficulty of scheduling operation and ensure the accuracy of scheduling operation. It is necessary to integrate BAS system based on different products into a system. In a monitoring operation platform On the BAS central level of the BAS station to conduct a unified monitoring, operation. After the transformation of the system, Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 2 project part of the BAS has several data streams: ①ZP-6624 ← → TAP ← → serial server ← → switch ← → station workstation; ② ZP-6624 ← → TAP ← → serial Server ← → switch ← → new control center; ③ station station ← → switch ← → both other stations and existing control center.
The company's products in the project is very compatible with the PLC Mitsubishi and MODBUS protocol transmission equipment stable and efficient
The above program uses the following products:
1. Product Name: Industrial grade 485/422 to Ethernet server (support MODBUS)
Specifications Model: ZP-8111B

Technical Parameters:
☆ serial interface: 232,485,422 (custom)
☆ baud rate: 100-184320bps or more and can choose to manually or automatically set to avoid too much data caused by unstable delay or packet loss problems
☆ parity: no parity, odd parity, even parity, data bits: 7,8 bit
☆ Stop bit: 1,2 bit stream control: no flow control, RTS / CTS
☆ serial protection: 500W lightning surge protection, 2KV electromagnetic isolation protection; meet the standard interface protocol
☆ TCP / IP standard protocol, serial port in line with RS232 / 485/422 protocol, support the standard complete MODBUS protocol.
☆ transmission medium: ultra-five twisted pair shielded wire
☆ working mode: TCP Server mode, TCP client mode, UDP mode, virtual serial port, Socket, VIrtaur and other six modes of operation, support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling transparent transmission function; and the product after the upgrade support and carry ADSL, WIFI and other functional products Socket communication mode.
☆ support AUTO MDI / MDIX, you can use crossover cable or parallel cable to connect two-way transmission; support DNS dynamic domain name remote connection.
☆ This product can be used to extend the distance between the handle of the handle, eliminating the need to use the PC host in the middle of the cumbersome configuration, only a network cable or switch can be; reliable all the way to another serial port serial data transmission, There is no way to network, you only need a simple two-step set, you can achieve the demand.

2. Product Name: 485/422 to WiFi two-way serial server (support MODBUS)
Specifications Model: ZP-8811F
As the serial data is transparent transmission, according to the use of ordinary serial port to send and receive data can be. The original serial device, directly connected to the serial line to replace the cost of the module, the device without any changes can be easily achieved data wireless transmission. Super work mode: TCP Server mode, TCP client mode, UDP mode, virtual serial port, Socket, VIrtaur and other six modes of operation, support point to point and point to multipoint polling two-way transparent transmission function; can be LAN and the Internet, Dynamic network mutual transmission function. This product can be set by logging in to the built-in web page. The biggest innovation is that this product can be directly connected with the router, breaking the conventional serial server LAN connection mode; this feature not only allows you to replace the software, but also allows serial devices immediately network.
3. Product Name: Industrial grade 8 RS232 / 485/422 serial port network server
Specifications Model: ZP-8808A
Technical Parameters:
☆ Serial number: 8 mouth
☆ Processor: 32bit 100MHZ
☆ Memory: 8M
☆ serial baud rate 50bps - 460800bps (support non-standard baud rate, domestic initiative)
☆ check bit None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
☆ Data bits 5,6,7,8
☆ stop bit 1,1.5,2
☆ flow control RTS / CTS, XON / XOFF
☆ Serial port form RJ45
☆ serial protection 600W lightning protection surge ± 15KV anti-static protection
TAD22 / TXD + / TXD / / RXD- / GND, RS485: Data + / Data-
☆ network port rate of 10 / 100M adaptive, support can be set manually
☆ network port form RJ45
☆ network port protection embedded 2KV electromagnetic isolation

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