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Product Name:100/1000M 1 optical to 2 RJ45 network transceiver

Specification Model:ZP-2102

☆ support IEEE802.3u.100BASE-T and 100 BASE-FL protocol
☆ support full duplex / half duplex work, and with automatic negotiation function
☆ multi-mode connection transmission distance: 2 km
☆ single-mode connection transmission distance: 20/40/60/80/120 km
☆ machine less heat, stable and reliable performance
☆ plug and play, can be on the rack
☆ complete LED status indication, easy to network diagnosis and troubleshooting
☆ Automatically identify MD1 / MD1-X cross lines and parallel lines
☆ good flow control, with self-reset function, can effectively prevent the crash phenomenon

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