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Serial server, RS485 to Ethernet, Ethernet to RS232 network module to do the client server point to point transmission

Time:2017-04-19 09:18:21

ZP-8621 high-performance RS232/485 to Ethernet server configuration is as follows

Two serial ports (Client and Server modes) Point-to-point transparent transmission of RS232 / RS485 data mode
Work Mode Highlights:
 Use TCP / IP communication protocol, need two serial server pairing use.
 Set the serial port server A to Server mode (factory default mode), another serial port server B
Set to client mode.
 pair the remote host address and port to which the serial port server B is connected, set the IP address and listening port of A to complete the pairing.
RS232 / RS485 <-> Serial server A (Client) <- Ethernet -> Serial port server B (Server)
<-> RS232 / RS485
Serial communication configuration parameters:
The serial port parameters are determined by the local serial server configuration parameters. The serial port parameters are not supported between the serial ports.
Step function.
 The network is a mode that supports the SCOKET transport protocol, and data needs to be synchronized. Just set the serial port on both sides
Parameters, and equipment corresponding.
 Serial server factory default settings:
IP address:
 Work mode: Server
Serial TCP / IP mapping
 Serial A: Listen at
Serial B: Listen at 4032 Note: X can represent any number.
And so on
A serial server can use the above default settings, or you can modify the IP address as needed.
It is recommended that you do not modify other parameters.
Another serial server needs to be set to Client mode as described below.
Point search, two-point MAC address into the management interface, set the serial port B mode for the CLINET mode, that is
Workstation mode, enter the destination IP address as a string
Port A address, serial port A port number, save the settings, and exit the reboot.
After restarting, the serial server works in Client mode and is set to:
 IP address:
 Working mode: Client
Serial TCP / IP mapping
And so on
If the operation is normal, the "connection established" or "TCP / IP" indicator of the 2 serial ports should
For the bright state, indicating successful pairing.

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