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ZP-8621 serial port server, RS485 to Ethernet, serial port network port server cross-regional gateway remote monitoring program

Time:2017-04-18 09:32:57
Serial server with domain name resolution, user-friendly way through the domain name to achieve remote monitoring of serial equipment. This article uses the peanut shell domain name to describe how to achieve this function.
(1) landing peanut shell domain name software and landing (how to use please refer to peanut shell related website information, do not do here):
There are two domain names, one can choose here, we use "" to demonstrate. Double-click the domain name
Note the domain name (in this case and the port number (8001 for this example) in the external network access address is the target domain name and destination port number to be set by the serial server. IP (in this case and the port number (in this case, 6000) is the IP and port number after mapping the domain name. If you need to use the network virtual serial port software, you must use the IP and port To the virtual serial port, and can not use the external network access address in the port number.
(2) serial server parameter settings
Connect the serial server to the router (and ensure that the external network), and power, with the configuration software to find the module and set
Serial port parameters according to the actual situation to do the set, the work mode must choose "TCP_CLIENT", the target IP / domain name fill the peanut shell domain name: qwl., the target port to fill the external network access address port: 8001. Fill in and save the settings.
(3) mapping the use of IP
Through the above mapping settings, we put the domain "" mapped to the network IP: 6000, then you can use the IP network to carry out the serial device monitoring.
For example: the use of network debugging assistant (also use the user to develop their own network software) and serial device communication:
According to the above figure in the red box to set parameters, and point "connection", wait a moment, if the serial server connection is successful, in the connection object drop-down table will be displayed: This can and serial device normal communication.
Use the network virtual serial port software and serial device communication:
Mainly on the network IP:, port 6000 virtual out of a serial port to (COM9)
Function 2: Realize remote monitoring by fixing public network IP
In this application mode, the user is required to have a fixed public network IP. In fact, in the application function 1, the serial server is the domain name is resolved to the public network IP (dynamic), in order to achieve remote control.
(1) serial server parameter settings
Connect the serial server to the router (and ensure that the external network), and power, with the configuration software to the module and set the following:
To 4000 as an example, set up after the save, restart the device.
(2) router port mapping
A, the main purpose is to external network 4000 mapped to the computer on the network.
B, router port mapping steps (and router brand related)
First open the router settings interface, find the forwarding rules in the "virtual server": point in the figure "add a new entry":
Service port number is the serial port configuration software in the destination port: 4000, IP address for the computer's IP address:
Set up after the preservation of parameters, so that the external network address 4000 mapped to the network address: 4000.
And then you can use the IP address and port number and the serial port server communication

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