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How the serial server and the role of the serial server is what

Time:2017-04-10 10:23:27

Serial server is the role of the serial port with 232/485/422 network equipment, so that equipment to enhance the communication speed and stability, binding the customer's address IP, to facilitate the rapid identification of information in the communication process.
Serial server operating mode is usually divided into a variety of: 1. Server work mode 2. Client mode 3.UDP mode 4. Virtual serial port mode. Communication functions are gateway, LAN, Internet, boast gateway a variety of functions; in the use of functions according to different programs can be divided into single pass, transparent transmission, two-way transmission, the pass mode.
The company produces serial port network server can be used in power, rail transportation, intelligent security, finance and other industries; at the same time compatible with PLC, MODBUS various protocols; use program, parameter configuration is simple, automatic identification.
Serial server is usually both ends of the link is the serial device or computer and switch. So that the data can be quickly returned to the server center, while ZP-8621 can independently identify each device to transmit information and identify the ID number, to facilitate effective management of customers.
ZP-8621 indicator: link1 on behalf of 232 function, link2 on behalf of 485 function, POWER is power.
After the use of the method: first ZP-8621 module through the power, and then plug in the network cable, when the network cable and module connection link1 and link2 on the extinguished; second open our module configuration software or web configuration browser input 192.168. XX, open the page WEB configuration, and then the module network segment or computer server network segment into a network section, you can click the automatic access button to configure the submission, and then serial configuration, according to the mode you need, baud rate The configuration can be used normally.


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