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What is the difference between managed switches and unmanaged switches

Time:2017-04-06 19:46:42
(1) Disadvantages of unmanaged switches:
1, non-network management switches are limited, suitable for home or small network.
2, does not support ARP protection.
Arp attack is not a virus and thus almost all of the anti-virus software are helpless; but it is better than the virus - because it can cause slow traffic slow, the network paralyzed, re-will cause the information leak.
3, does not support the mac address binding
4, does not support the division of vlan
The end users connected to the unmanaged switch are in the same broadcast domain, and the broadcast storm can not be attacked and suppressed. So that the entire network congestion, blocking, flooding, leading to the entire network paralysis.
5, does not support traffic-based control
6, the reliability of data transmission is poor, there is a serious packet loss.
7, a single assembly, can not be used in large and medium-sized network, the network upgrade, expansion of large limitations.
8, management inconvenience, hardware failure rate is relatively large.
(2) non-network switch Advantages:
1, cheap, cost savings.
2, the number of dense ports.
3, the user is flexible.
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First, network management switches
(1) the advantages of network management access switches
1, backplane bandwidth, data forwarding faster.
2, flexible networking, application of large and medium-sized network access layer.
3, the provision of flexible ports, according to the application of the network to choose a different interface forms such as: SFP, GE, Ethernet port, Ethernet and so on.
4, support vlan division, the user can for different applications for regional division, the effective control and management of the network. Progress suppresses broadcast storms.
5, the network management switch through the data throughput (Throughput), packet loss rate (PacketLoss) is small, low latency (Latency).
6, can be based on the source, purpose, network segment data traffic control.
7, link aggregation allows switches and switches and switches and servers through multiple Ethernet ports tied together to achieve load balancing,
8, with ARP protection, progress to reduce the network ARP spoofing
9, with the MAC address of the binding.
10, port mirroring function can be a port of traffic and status to the switch to another port, for the regulation
11, support DHCP function.
12, access control list It can control IP packets, such as limiting its traffic, access and provide QoS, etc.
13, with good security performance: the switch can be MAC address filtering, MAC address lock, and can build a static MAC forwarding table.
14, able to support IEEE802.1Q and port-based technology VLAN. The GVRP (GARP, VLAN Registration Protocol) and GMRP (GARP Multicast Registration Protocol) are also widely supported in IEEE802.1QVLAN.
15, with SNMP function, more on the network to achieve a very good management and control.
16, easy to expand, flexible application, can be managed through the network management software, but also through its own access control to its remote access. Increase the security and controllability of the network.
(2) the shortcomings of network management switches
1, slightly more expensive than non-network switches.
2, and non-network management than the complex operation, the need to configure.

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