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ZXTC company serial port to Ethernet and WIFI equipment in Zhejiang Zhoushan fis

Time:2017-04-06 19:11:21

The company serial port to Ethernet (ZP-8621) and serial to WIFI (ZP-8811) in Zhejiang Zhoushan fishery collection program application. According to Party B requirements: to adapt to the harsh environmental conditions in the wireless signal with anti-interference and stability. Has the only directivity of the network IP. In a large number of data collection to achieve no packet loss stable and fast transmission. To facilitate the point of the tour staff to facilitate the rapid access to mobile terminal data access.
Advantages of this product in the project:
1. The company's ZP-8811 has a very stable signal in harsh environments, with independent unlock IP directivity. Many poor equipment on the market in the case of environmental interference signal is very unstable, and with intermittent packet loss.
2. In the terminal acquisition equipment, the customer uses the power supply cabinet (to facilitate large-scale fishing vessels in the high-voltage power supply requirements in the 1KV-2KV voltage) is very easy to produce a strong electromagnetic interference problems. This is the low-end low-quality manufacturers can not solve the problem of equipment. Customers in person to the company to do the corresponding high-pressure environmental test test, in a month completely stable work, the loss of data is zero.
3. Customers in the front-end collection temperature program using the Mitsubishi PLC equipment, the device to take MODBUS protocol, connect our equipment can work properly.

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