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ZXTC RS232 / 485 to wifi wireless point-to-point transmission to solve the signal interference lost distortion method

Time:2017-04-05 10:32:43
To prevent transmission and reception of interference when multiple modules are executed in the same space, you can change the module's wireless name SSID (ZP7001, ZP7002 .... ZP7001N, etc.) on the page configuration page and the point-to-point send and receive SSIDs must be the same, End and server work mode, can form a pair. After the success of the two modules, be sure to use electricity to use power.

The principle is equivalent to setting a device to a separate "IP name" and then the two modules in the transceiver will be identified without error to avoid errors! Note that this configuration is suitable for the company's products, other companies do not blindly copy the product does not apply. ZP-8811 specific use of consulting technical staff to prevent damage caused by equipment!

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