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Product Name:RS232 serial port isolation protection

Specification Model:ZP-520A

☆ Serial port: ☆ RS-232 signal: TXD, RXD, GND
☆ interface: interface with E1Ars232 and CCITT asynchronous protocol linker, both ends of the interface for the DB9 male parent
☆ use of data flow to the automatic control technology, automatic identification and control data transmission direction
☆ using optical isolation program design, with superior anti-jamming capability
☆ electrostatic protection: 15KV electrostatic protection
☆ transmission: synchronous full-duplex, asynchronous transparent transmission
☆ isolation protection: signal using 25000VRMS and 500VDC isolation protection
☆ transmission rate: 300bps-57600bps

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  • ICP license: ZXTC Technology Co., LTD. ICP:粤ICP备14025924号-2