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Product Name:RS232 to 4-port RS485 bidirectional interchange isolation converter

Specification Model:ZP-1304

☆ communication distance: 5,000 meters (9,600bps), the product is a amplified signal, can effectively enhance the signal strength and transmission distance, better anti-interference advantages, function can be 485 hub, 485 repeater, 485 Dispenser, 232 to 485 hub (of which 485 port can be used as a multi-channel 485 hub function) four in one multi-functional industrial products, the overall strength of the market than the general hub function.
☆ power, data flow and four fault detection indicator, can detect the fault point
☆ work: This product is imported from the United States original industrial chip program; industrial iron shell: high temperature, high pressure, heat fast, explosion-proof, anti-lightning and other industrial communications product features; to adapt to various industrial harsh environments. Asynchronous half-duplex (RS-485/232) opto-isolated enhanced (isolation voltage 2.5KVrms / 500VDC insulation), both ends with dedicated DC / DC module isolation protection, dual port 232 / RS485 1500W per line to provide lightning protection Chung, isolation function; at the same time each line to provide +/- 15KV ESD protection and to prevent a total of interference, four signals at the same time independent transmission does not interfere with the real pure industrial products.

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