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Product Name:RS232 to RS485 / 422 two-way interchange isolation lightning surge converter

Specification Model:ZP-503

☆ Interface features: interface compatible EIA / TIA RS-232C, RS-485 / RS-422 standard, connecting 32 devices.
☆ Electrical interface: RS-232 interface input DB9-type connector, RS-422 / RS-485 interface output DB9 pin, RJ-45 connector
☆ protection level: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 interface per line 600W-1500W lightning surge protection, isolation voltage 2500Vrms, the real dual-port optical isolation and high-voltage anti-technology ☆ ☆ work: asynchronous half-duplex or Asynchronous full duplex
☆ signal indication: three signal light power (PWR), send (TXD), receive (RXD)
☆ transmission medium: twisted pair or shielded wire

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