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RS232 to RS485 converter lost packet distortion of the most reliable solution to instability

Time:2017-04-14 20:16:02

RS232 to RS485 converter is an indispensable device for industrial automation serial device communication, and he can convert 232 or 485 directly to interconnected. But many customers in the actual use of a lot of instability or garbled. Many times is the equipment of the problem, which Zhenxin communications technology engineers ZP-503B interface converter for you to explain in detail, this product through Siemens, Omron, PLC and other equipment, the actual use of high.
First from 232 to 485 hardware analysis: 1, according to the power can be divided into active and passive 232 to 485 converter. Passive is the use of serial TTL level power, this product is very cheap, no related communication protection, he is suitable for the most simple computer peripheral data communication. The other is active, although active relative to the passive more stable, unreasonable company's products are also very simple to do some regulation of crystal processing, still can not be in harsh industrial environments and domestic and foreign brands, or for communication protocols require equipment communication needs Relatively high, although many customers say I bought is also active, or garbled or packet loss, in the end what is the reason? Here recommend you ZP-503B can be a good solution to your problem!
The company's ZP-503B interface converter can solve the problem for the following reasons:
1, this product is imported from the United States import program to ensure that products meet the real industrial products, running smoothly in harsh environments. Rather than other companies like the market "so-called" virtual standard industrial products, because they are used in the domestic or Taiwan's chips, are inferior. In the high demand for communication conditions.
2, because this product in the United States using imported chips, but also foreign Siemens, ABB, Omron and PLC the most commonly used procedures, although we are fully compatible with compatibility requirements. Not because of the difference between the program itself, so you can become the best choice for this customer.
3, in the development of the basic agreement, the domestic and Taiwan plans due to the different chips, coupled with R & D technology companies in the development level of the potential agreement there is a big difference. For example, like the development of software engineers, due to different technologies, software stability in the use of BUG and the situation is not the same. The company's R & D technology and Huazhong University of Science and Technology with each other, learn from each other. Continue to rely on the development of the agreement in full accordance with the international standard protocol research and development, but also further developed in line with the special requirements of MODBUS agreement can be said that the first domestic. And some foreign brand equipment and domestic equipment manufacturers in order to make their products in the market occupies a high share of the use of MODBUS protocol format communication, the surface can be 232 to 485 conversion, but in the use of garbled, packet loss and other incompatible situation The
4. The ZP-503B is passed using dual-port signal isolation. He is mainly reflected in the data in the distortion or fluctuations, it will automatically isolate the second data format for transmission. Do not use the outdoor environment, an increase of industrial communication function requirements: anti-static, lightning, surge, circuit reverse protection, garbled compilation and other functions, you can solve a lot of 232 to 485 in the market can not solve the problem.
5, because the product using the basic MODBUS protocol format secondary compilation, in many devices 232 ~ 485 function can use the line reverse, to solve the problem of special garbled.
Industrial grade 232 ~ 485 active two-way swap isolation interface converter 【Modbus】
Model: ZP-503B
2, electrical interface: RS-232 interface input DB9-type connector, RS-422 / RS-485 interface output DB9 pin, RJ-45 connector
RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 interface per line 600W-1500W lightning surge protection, isolation voltage 2500Vrms, protection level: the real dual-port optical isolation and high voltage protection,
4, the product is compatible with MODBUS agreement (domestic initiative)
5, work: asynchronous half-duplex or asynchronous full-duplex
6, signal indication: three-way signal optical power (PWR), send (TXD), receive (RXD)
7, transmission medium: twisted pair or shielded wire
8, transmission rate: 115.2KBPS ~ 9600KBPS.
9, size: 106mmX87mmX22mm
10, the use of the environment: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, relative humidity 5 ~ 95%
11, transmission distance: 0-5000 meters (9600bps-115200bps)


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