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Siemens S7-200PLC through the RS485 serial port to Ethernet RS232 to network server communication methods

Time:2017-04-13 17:22:12

1. In industrial automation, PLC through the MODBUS protocol to take the network communication is the most secure program. On our own production ZP-8621 serial to Ethernet link Siemens PLC, Siemens usually 485 and 232 two serial ports, but Siemens PLC will pass ModbusRTU switch to ModbusTCP / TCP, or ModbusTCP / IP to modbusRTU protocol , Both from any kind of agreement, is not a simple physical protocol conversion, and the underlying protocol unreachable development and application. There are 5 kinds of conventional modbus protocols, but because of the different R & D strength of each company, the MODBUS protocol type and compatibility are different. Serial port into Ethernet is only a two-tier network applications, the second floor is the Ethernet frame to the second layer of the Ethernet frame to take the PPP frame, there are three layers of HDLC frame IP packets. If the conversion into modbusrtu is more than 3 layers of the application agreement. At the same time ZP-8621 networking 485 link PLC when wiring can not follow the conventional method, to reverse use.
2. Serial server and industrial Ethernet how to link
When we are in the industrial wiring, the serial device through the network back to the server center, because the data needs to be cached or collected, you must take the serial server back to the switch server center, then there is no connection problem? Many of the market can not be used directly, but our company ZP-8404 and ZP-8621 can directly link switches and transceivers, because our ZP-8621 networking module has an automatic identification of the switch address and configuration functions when they are in the same Of an address network segment will automatically communicate, without cumbersome settings. The serial port server can be connected to the hub or switch can be, by setting the IP address of the serial server, the serial port server can become a node on the Ethernet, from the serial server connected to the serial server connected to the Ethernet, through the Networking can be different devices, different forms of serial (such as RS232, RS422 and RS485), connected to the Ethernet, to achieve heterogeneous networking. The networking method can connect the entire company's equipment to the network. In the networking process, in addition to the use of switches and hub extensions, you can also use the Industrial Ethernet switch, you can expand the different types of serial server, to achieve flexible equipment Networking is more important when the power outage cooperation and other factors lead to serial server and ZP-6616G non-network management Ethernet switch short open, our module will automatically save the previous parameter settings, re-link, no manual operation, the province A lot of man time, simple and convenient. Eliminating the need to use the PC host in the middle of the cumbersome configuration, only need a network cable or switch can be; reliable all the way to another serial port serial data transmission, not packet, do not leak data.

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