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Zhenxin communication "ZXTC" - trademark registration and new website revision

Time:2017-04-12 12:59:53

The majority of new and old customers:
  After all the staff of the company's struggle, the company thriving. In order to create a more international brand, the market to maximize the better shape of the company's brand value. The company's LOGO by the official change to Zhenxin communication ZXTC, which "ZX" is the company name "Zhenxin" first letter, "TC" for "English" catenation "communication" Chinese and English abbreviation.

Once again stated: the brand has been successfully registered, plagiarism or counterfeiting laws must study.

                                                                                       Shenzhen Zhenxin Communication Technology Co., Ltd
                                                                                            April 3, 2017

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