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Usb to RS232 data cable usb to RS485 converter RS232 / 485 to usb serial line universal drive download

Time:2017-04-06 18:29:33

Usb switch 232/485 converter is mainly used for computer serial port expansion, virtual out of the new COM port. Because with the development of science and technology, many computers have saved the function of COM serial port, which can increase the stability of the computer, but in the actual use is very convenient. Then this time on the PC side to re-add a serial port, so the use of Zhenxin communications company ZP-910/920 serial to USB converter can be a very good solution to this problem.
Use usb to switch the serial line to pay attention to those issues:
First of all to determine the use of the product environment and stability in the low-end electronic market, the serial line is usually a very poor chip or recovery chip, and no other auxiliary components. This can be used in a simple computer. But to use in the industrial automation is not available, there will be unable to identify the serial port, the signal is unstable, easy to burn the serial port and many other problems; cause this reason is mainly due to the use of chip difference such as PL2302 PL2303 WCH HL-340 and other domestic poor program; And these programs are to do PCI serial card program, in essence, not to do the serial line. Then there is a lot of compatibility, stability problems. Coupled with the lack of cost in order to save a lot of stability of the auxiliary chip components, the above problems are normal.
USB converter used in Siemens ABB PLC can not communicate Cause:
USB switch to the serial line is more often used in industrial automation, the common is and PLC Siemens ABB and other major brands of industrial automation equipment communication, then PL2302 PL2303 WCH HL-340 and other domestic low-level programs simply can not be used, in addition to the above Of the reason. And then these PLC Siemens and other equipment has its own unique interface protocol transmission mode, a lot of time is encrypted or a pin out of space, but also their protection of their own brand of a measure. In particular, many customers looking for Siemens to use the USB to the serial cable [original Siemens USB to the serial line to 700 yuan]. Because they use the program is based in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the domestic low-end chip there is a clear quality and compatibility issues.

The solution is as follows:
First, the use of the company's industrial-grade USB to the serial line to solve
Model: ZP-920 / ZP-910 / ZP-9016
☆ Fully compatible with USB-2.0 1.1 1.0 standard
☆ support RS-232 interface, while compatible with Andrews (android) system, the first domestic.
☆ RS-232 interface DB9 pin connector
☆ USB signal: VCC, DATA- DATA + GND FG; USB cable with magnetic ring shielding function, can be very strong signal interference
☆ RS-232 signal: T / R + T / R- RXT + RXD-; all-round two-way communication
☆ transmission medium: twisted pair / shielded wire
☆ baud rate: 100 - 921600bps automatically detect the serial transmission speed
☆ full copper long 1.8M, with magnetic ring shielding function, import industrial program, serial pin solid core, communication more stable, faster, packet loss rate is zero.
☆ data (TXD) automatic flow control, zero delay design
☆ support automatic handshake agreement
☆ support remote wake-up and power management
☆ USB bus directly to the power, no external power supply
☆ +/- 15KV ESD anti-static protection
☆ use of the environment: -40 ℃ to 85 ℃, relative humidity of 5% to 95%
☆ Support system:
Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008 x64; Windows Vista; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008; Windows 7 ; Windows 8 x64; Windows 8.1; Windows 8.1 x64; Windows 10; Windows 10 x64; Andrews system;
☆ product application
(ATM), point-of-sale terminal (POS), automatic retail kiosk, embedded industrial automation system, PLC, Siemens, Omron, financial payment ATM system, transportation system, factory automation and process control, building automation, medical system, Remote access server, storage network management, automatic information programming and other converters as full-duplex or half-duplex wiring, in order to prevent the signal reflection and interference, the need to connect the line termination of a matching resistor (parameters: 120 ohm 1 / 4W)
Second, in the desktop "My Computer" right click on the "Properties", call out the window below. And then find the top of the hardware column, then the following "Device Manager" and then click on the device manager that "port (COM and LPT)" in front of the "+" number. This will be able to see your adapter cable out of the COM port number, and my port number is 12. And then on this item on the "right" select "Properties". And then in the Properties window that appears, find the "Port Settings" column, point that "Advanced" option. See the pop-up window in the red circle COM port number, right? Is to change here. Point to see, a lot of port number ah. And then select the port you want to set the number on it. Then all the way to "OK" on the OK
Third, and then back to the device manager, in the "port" item on the "right", select "scan detection hardware changes." After the completion of the scan, if the change is successful, it will show you just changed the COM port port number and sometimes because of the number of devices used, or installed some brush machine software driver, you select the port number Step will find a lot of port is good to show is "in use". The port number of this state you can not change to your current line. The solution is as follows
First point "Start menu" in the "run" in the pop-up dialog box, enter regedit, and then click "OK" is to bring up the registry editor friends. Locate the COM Name Arbiter as shown in the following figure. And then right click on the right side of the "ComDb" select "delete". Then close the Registry Editor and restart the computer. Repeat the steps just to change the port number on it.
Fourth, the computer Com port has been occupied, can not open the COM port again; start with the registry to delete the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ COM NameArbiter \ ComDB" to solve the trip, a restart on the occupation of the reasons: Uninstall and then install the driver found in addition to Com outside there is a Serial ballpoint device, the operating system occupied the Com port cause problems;

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