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Product Name:Rs485 / 422 single-mode dual-fiber server

Specification Model:ZP-337SM

☆ RS-485 signal: RS485A +; RS485B-; GND
☆ RS-422 signal: R +, R-, T +, T-, GND
☆ multi-mode communication to reach 2 km, single-mode to 20/40/60/80 km
☆ support point to point or loop (point to multipoint) connection, single-mode single fiber is divided into A, B side, need to use in pairs, zero delay automatically sent;
☆ support RS485 / 422 multiple asynchronous communication protocol; single-mode multi-mode adaptive technology, RS-485/422 port support 32 node polling function (can be customized 128 nodes)
☆ Working wavelength: 1310nm / 1550nm,
☆ maximum communication rate of 0-500Kbps
☆ automatically detect the serial speed, identify and control the direction of data transmission; product support modbus, PLC, Siemens PPI protocol

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  • ICP license: ZXTC Technology Co., LTD. ICP:14025924-1