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Product Name:4-port RS485/422 to Ethernet serial server [Modbus]

Specification Model:ZP-8404B

☆ work mode: TCP Server mode, TCP client mode, UDP mode, virtual serial port, Socket, Telnet and other work modes, support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling transparent transmission function; and the product after the upgrade support and carry ADSL, WIFI and other functional products Socket communication mode.
☆ support AUTO MDI / MDIX, can use crossover cable or parallel cable to connect two-way transmission; support DNS dynamic and static IP remote connection.
☆ This product can be used to extend the distance between the handle of the handle, eliminating the need to use the PC host in the middle of the cumbersome configuration, only a network cable or switch can be; reliable all the way to another serial port serial data transmission, There is no way to network, you only need a simple two-step set, you can achieve the demand.
☆ working protocol support TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, modbus, IPV4ARP, etc .; can and routers, gateways and other dynamic "IP" directly connected to achieve cross-network Internet work, to break the serial server normal LAN mode. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling communication modes can be used.
☆ support virtual serial port work mode;
☆ working port, destination IP address and port number can be easily set with our management software;
☆ through the AT command, through the serial software, WEB page configuration module parameters
☆ network disconnect can be automatically disconnected to ensure that the entire network to establish a reliable TCP connection;
☆ flexible serial data framing settings to meet the needs of users of various subcontracting;
☆ UDP mode prohibits the package broadcast, anti-interference ability than similar products;
☆ In the case of high-speed data transmission, heat is still relatively low.
Support DNS dynamic domain name remote connection.

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