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Product Name:High-performance RS232/485 to Ethernet Bidirectional Serial Server (Modbus)

Specification Model:ZP-8621

☆ 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface
☆ serial interface: 232,485
☆ baud rate: 100-1024000bps or more and can choose to manually or automatically set to avoid too much data caused by unstable delay or packet loss problems
CPU / cache: 32bit ARM9 100MHz high-performance cache processor and integrated with the system more stable and efficient.
☆ parity: no parity, odd parity, even parity, data bits: 7,8 bit
☆ Stop bit: 1,2 bit stream control: no flow control, RTS / CTS
☆ serial protection: 500W lightning surge protection, 2KV electromagnetic isolation protection; anti-lightning and photoelectric isolation and other functions;
TCP / IP standard protocol, the serial port in line with RS232 / 485/422 protocol, support for standard ModbusRTU, ModbusASCII, ModbusTCP / IP, ModbusTCP to Modbus RTU, Modbus RTU to ModbusTCP and other protocols. Products can cross-gateways, routers, external networks, LAN, link industrial Ethernet switches, fiber-optic network serial three-in-one equipment and related network communications products.
☆ This product has a unique domain name resolution function, user-friendly way through the domain name to achieve remote monitoring of serial device function to achieve monitoring; serial device and monitoring server through the Internet interconnection across the city area communication.

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  • ICP license: ZXTC Technology Co., LTD. ICP:14025924-1