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The most detailed network management and non - network management switch differe

Time:2017-04-11 11:59:09
What is the difference between managed and unmanaged switches? Why is the price difference so much? Is the customer in the choice of switches in the ubiquitous problem.

First, the switch according to the information transmission function is divided into network management and non-network management. Managed switch is when the information received, the need to re-processing of information, such as ZP-6624M2SF network management switches. He can collect the information according to the needs of the address, port, protocol type of division and reorganization, so that the next bit when the machine needs to use the data format, but also to prevent network attacks, pulse storms and other protection functions, it greatly improved Network communication as the core storage security. Are generally used as a backbone network for wiring. Another function is to facilitate the entire Wang Kuo terminal equipment and users to manage, you can control each independent device to send and receive information and use of authority, and monitoring and management behavior, so managed switches, also known as intelligent switches.

Non-network management switches do not have the above functions, in the physical protocol is just a direct data storage and forwarding function, can be understood as a more powerful router.
Why the price difference is so big, because the network management switches need to have the appropriate software to control, ZXTC Zhenxin communications companies can be based on customer demand for the corresponding function development, no software management functions, you can not use the network management intelligent switch. And the development of software requires technology and cost, and software development directly affects the stability and use of the switch, and affect the compatibility of the agreement and format is good or bad. So the network management switch is a combination of hardware and software products, of course, is more expensive. There are many differences between network management and non-network management switches. For details, please contact: 0755-32855138

Industrial Ethernet switches are divided into industrial switches, commercial switches, POE switches and POE network management switches and non-management switches, etc., their function and the use of the environment is very different, although the price is very different, this need to be based on specific use Environment and function to choose.

ZP-624M4SF provides 24 Gigabit POE ports and two independent Gigabit SFP uplink ports, for the IP MAN and enterprise network, to meet the Ethernet multi-service bearer and a variety of Ethernet access. Can provide users with a wealth of flexible business features, effectively improve the product can be operational, manageable and business expansion capabilities, with excellent lightning protection and security features. And support the perfect PoE (Power Over Ethernet) function, you can through the network cable to the remote PD equipment (such as IP Phone, WLAN AP, Security, Bluetooth AP, etc.) to provide -48V DC power supply, Power supply. As a power supply side PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) equipment, support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at power supply standard, support PoE management, users can flexibly configure the PoE port is powered. S5028 is a 19-inch rack chassis, built-in 500W high power industrial power supply.

There are three major indicators of the managed switch: the backplane bandwidth of the switch determines the maximum upper limit of the connection bandwidth between the interface template and the switching engine. The switching capacity is the core index of the network management switch. The packet forwarding rate determines the size of the switch forwarding packet capability The Most of the mainstream switches in the market, with the function of network management to ensure that all the network resources in good condition, so that the stability and security of the network to be the most effective protection.

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