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PLC-MODBUS protocol connection RS485 to Ethernet serial port Ethernet port RS485 to 232 to Ethernet operating mode and configuration

Time:2017-04-18 09:18:16

Serial device networking server can make the traditional RS-232/422/485 equipment immediately network. Serial device networking server as with CPU, real-time operating system and TCP / IP protocol microcomputer, in the serial port and network equipment to transmit data. Use serial services from anywhere in the world, through the network, with your computer to access, manage and configure the remote device.
How does the PLC go via Ethernet via 485?
If the host computer using serial mode, you can use ZXTC serial server on the OK, the use of virtual serial port mode, the PLC access to Ethernet.
If the host computer using modbus tcp communication, this series is ZP-8621 the Modbus gateway, as the name suggests, its role is to Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU / ASCII conversion. At present in the S7 system will usually be equipped with an Ethernet module (or use the CPU comes with Ethernet interface) for the PG / OP communication, and TCP / IP-based connection resources are mostly free resources, so give us a It is possible to use this part of the free resources to connect with the port of multiple serial port server, so as not to increase the PLC serial module, to achieve multi-serial communication system S7 system, from the cost is appropriate for the program.
485 to Ethernet MODBUS protocol how to connect PLC?
RS232 and PLC Ethernet belongs to the bottom of the communication medium or communication standard, on which there must be a corresponding communication protocol to achieve data exchange, transmission. Field bus is a network, and have their own communication protocol .PLC communication module For example, the digital acquisition is the field contact closed to form a loop, then the digital acquisition module will go through the conversion of photoelectricity and so on to tell the PLC CPU which is 1, also Is the function of the DI module, while the analog module will convert the 4-20mA signal to a range of PLC-approved values, such as 1000-5000, etc., PROFIBUS, MODBUS, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS-DP, CONTROLNET Different protocols of the bus .PLC network module with those I said that the DI DO natural function is different from the network module can be achieved with the remote PLC connection, etc., you have to see each different PLC expansion mode
Serial Server Internet Application - Dynamic Domain Name Service
Serial server gateway (such as ADSL, etc.) for the external network dynamic IP, remote host is the external network dynamic IP. In this case, you must apply for a "dynamic domain name service" to obtain a fixed domain name for the serial server to resolve the remote host IP address.
Serial server can be connected through the Internet, the gateway to a fixed IP internal network host, when the host in the network, the need for NAT mapping on the gateway.
Dynamic domain name setting method: work mode selected TCP-Client mode, the server domain name to write the remote server domain name address check enabled. The target port number is your server to listen to the port number, this mode can be obtained to the dynamic domain name IP address. The IP address pointed to by the domain name must be correct.
2. Virtual serial port configuration method: Virtual serial port work in server mode TCP-Server, listening port number 6001. Port number can be changed. And set the dynamic domain name to the secondary server computer (that is equipped with a virtual serial port software computer);
Note: The ZP-8XXX series is used as a server in the LAN environment. When the protocol type is TCP-Server or VCOM mode, the target port number is not set.


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