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Time:2017-03-31 22:35:01

ZXTC provides you with the following policies for your products in pre-sales and after-sales service:

1, to provide product consulting services
2, to provide the perfect solution for life
3, to provide professional custom services
4, the project provides on-site guidance
Service Mission: integrity and trustworthiness, due diligence
Service Mission: customer satisfaction is our greatest goal
Service policy: professional, dedicated, responsible
Service specification: standard personnel, standardized management, standard tools
Supply assurance
Original authentic protection, products meet the People's Republic of China national standards, the relevant industry standards, the use of components meet the industrial requirements.
Rapid supply system
Ordinary product spot warranty, batch purchase delivery time of not more than 30 days.
After-sales service
The company's engineering and technical service engineers work closely with the R & D team to help customers solve problems quickly. 24-hour free service hotline
The company will regularly send customer satisfaction surveys to all customers who use our products to better understand the customer's perception of products and services. With your help, we can continually improve our technical support strategy to provide you with better and more satisfied products and services.

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